Saturday, August 11, 2012

Making a Change

Since my last post, my family has gone through a few changes. We moved to Las Vegas so that in itself brought a bunch of changes for home, new town...a start to a new life. Hubby got a new, better job so he's much happier and less stressed. :0) As a whole, we are much happier where we are in the world and in our relationship. So that's a bit of an accomplishment.

Now, we have decided to make another major change in our lives. We have decided to get healthy, eat better, and lose weight. We are going to "Join the Reboot"! We are going to go on a juice fast to re-energize our bodies and introduce health into our system! My sister showed us the documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, after doing a fast herself. We immediatly said, "Let's do it!". Hubby and I agreed it was the way to go for us. We are not healthy eaters, we don't like to exericse...we loooove to eat and talk about food...and it shows! Since we started dating we have both gained so much weight, and we admit we can't blame having two kids. ;0) So the movie inspired us and seemed "doable" for us. It's just something we NEED TO DO. For ourselves and for our kids. Of course, we want to drop a few pant sizes and slim down, but even if we don't we just know we need to get healthy.

So yesterday we finally got our juicer after lots and lots of comparison and research. We chose the Breville Juice Fountain Plus, as seen on Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Last night we went out to dinner, just the two of us, for a "last meal" lol no more garlic bread, mashed potatoes, pasta :0(  can we see how i would never have lasted on the Atkins Diet!? During dinner we talked about our goals and expectations for this journey, as well as made our peace with the foods we are going to miss. On our way home we went to Sunflower Market and walked out with a cart full of fruits and vegetables. It was quite an experience for us. Our cart (and our frige) have never looked like this before! It was like no other grocery trip we have ever made! Armed with our shopping list, we stood in front of the produce section, lost! We were looking for stuff we've never had before. "Babe, we need beets......which ones are beets???" Thanks to the cashier, he pointed out that we had a bag of 4 huge...turnips..NOT beets! Thank you cashier whose name I didn't catch. :0/

As I type, Hubby is whipping up our first batch of juice. On the menu for todays breakfast-Carrot Apple Ginger. Okay, here it is. Very pleased! Tastes great! It's sweet, refreshing, fresh. So far, so good. We feel full. Let's see how long until we need more....

Day 1 Beginning Weight
Mario 325.2 lbs            Michelle 162.1 lbs

I have given myself the goal of doing at least a 15 day reboot. Depending how that goes, I will go for 15 more days until I reach 60 days total. Mario is setting his goal for 30 days to start off. We are excited! We believe this will be achievable for us as opposed to other 'diets'. Watching the movie, it just made sense. We are not nieve to think it's going to be easy, we know we will have good days and bad days, at least until we get used to it. It will be a challenge, but a worth while challenge. With this new life change I am also going to do my best to chart our progress here in my blog. And hopefully it will light the fire under my butt to really start blogging more about everthing else in my life. Stay tuned!

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