Thursday, November 6, 2008

BabyLegs fashion new addiction! you may have seen these in stores or in all the baby magazines. they are a cute update on the old fashion accessory from the Flashdance days. no longer just for dancers and trendy harijuku kids of japan, legwarmers have a new purpose! I won 3 pairs of BabyLegs halloween print legwarmers and my son lives in them! i recieved them in the mail in early october. the weather here in the bay area was just starting to turn chilly. Massimo was starting to crawl so they came just in time. he wears them in the house with a onesie as they are great to keep him warm (duh!) and protect his legs from getting dry and callous from crawling. this also makes changing his diapers a breeze, his legs stay covered and warm plus i dont have to wrestle with him to get pants off then back on! another great use for them is as sun protecton especially when hes in his carrier and his pant legs ride up exposing his lower leg. right now i put them underhis pants when we go out to make his everyday jeans a bit warmer and again keep him covered should his pant legs ride up. i find they also help keep his socks and booties on a little better.

BabyLegs can be worn on the arms also. for girls they are a great alternative to tights. fussing with tights during diaper changes make me happy i have a boy! the numerous prints make it fun and fashionable to match your clothes or your personality!

Connecting Moms is giving away BabyLegs to 5 lucky winners. each winner gets their choice their favorite holiday print. join today!

Safety Tat giveway

we can hope it never happens, but you and your child can get seperated ina crowded mall or at a big event. well Safety Tat is a great way to ensure a safe return should your little one wander off at the mall or amusement park. these temporary tattoos can be ordered pre-printed with your information or you can get blank ones and write in your info with a provided tattoo pen. They go on jsut like any other temporary tattoo and are waterproof. They have fun designs and even some for allergy or medical alerts.

Connecting Moms is giving away 10 Safety Tats! if you havent already, join Connecting Moms then go to the Product Review section and check the Top Products, click on Safety Tats and follow the instrustions. as of today they havent chosen winners so hurry up and join to be entered. they dont post deadlines so hopefully you can still get in on it. while you are the enter to win one the other products they are currently giving away. Good luck!

so my favorite discovery ive found for moms on the internet has to be Connecting Moms. i would describe it as an online community similar to MySpace or Cafe Mom . it has all the usual features like groups, games, blogs, etc. my favorite is the product reviews. this is really the only thing i go to the site for. i have won many great products from this website and i dont have to pay orfill out any forms or take any surveys. all i did was join and create a profile! the Product Review section has a new product every week. i get email updates to let me know when they have something new. click on a product that is 'taking applications' and join that group. simple! that products company will choose the winner(s) and notify you and mail you their product to review. free! sometimes when you join they may also require you to post a comment or picture, something in addition to joining. ive havent had to do much more than join. I won 3 pair of Halloween print BabyLegs legwarmers! in that case they requested that you post a picture or two of your child in a costume and put link to the gallery in the comment section. i always make it a point to leave a comment showing my interest and need for the product. i dont know if ithelps in their decision of winners but it cant hurt! in my 8months as a member of Connecting Moms ive won 6 products so far! ive reviewed Dr. Blooms Chewable Jewels teething jewelry, a belly casting kit from Proud Body Pregnancy Art, BabyLegs halloween print legwarmers, and multiple books. Mama Knows Breast: A Beginners Guide to Breastfeeding which i sadly am still trying to finish is a great read. Nolo's Busy Family's Guide to Money, Get It Together, and Parent Savy. Check out my reviews under the member name desotogurrl.

the Product review section is good for more than just winning free things! see what tried and tested moms have to say about products and how they rate them before you buy! you can even tell them what youd like to review!

Whether you're a momprenuer or stay-at-home mom (or maybe even a working mom who plays online at work like i did) you'll meet a other moms just like yourself or win fun stuff on ConnectingMoms.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

what is this thing called blogging?

so i decided to jump on this blogging bandwagon. im not sure how it all works but im gonna give it a go. lets see...let me tell you about me and how i ended up here. be warned that i type like i speak which means i will be all over the place and go off on different tangents so i apologize now!

well, im a new mom! my son, Massimo, is now 8months old! i cant believe how fast its gone already. he got his first tooth about 2weeks ago and hes crawling and eager to walk. before i know it he'll be going to school...*sigh* im a SAHM (stay at home mom-i learned that from hours online after tending to Massimo in themiddle of the night and my insomnia kicks in) with no spare time but who creates lots of projects for myself. i decided to start this blog as (hopefully) a better alternative to my website. i created a website 4months postpartum to let my friends and others out there know about all the cool websites and products and mommy-related things i learned and found during my many nights online. i had big plans for my page but have since slacked off in keeping up with it. i am just winging it and learning as i go, i had no clue how to make and maintain a website. the idea behind it was to compile all the cool freebies i found for new and soon-to-be parents. i kept telling all my friends and fellow moms about the great stuff i was finding and thought someone else out there may be interested in it. so i started getting all sorts of ideas of what to do with my page, but i think i got ahead of myself and havent really updated it. looking at all the pages ive been visitng i realized they were all basically blogs. so here i am and here ismy attempt at converting all my findings into blog format! i hope you find something useful here. until i get everything up on here, please take a look at my original page