Thursday, November 6, 2008

BabyLegs fashion new addiction! you may have seen these in stores or in all the baby magazines. they are a cute update on the old fashion accessory from the Flashdance days. no longer just for dancers and trendy harijuku kids of japan, legwarmers have a new purpose! I won 3 pairs of BabyLegs halloween print legwarmers and my son lives in them! i recieved them in the mail in early october. the weather here in the bay area was just starting to turn chilly. Massimo was starting to crawl so they came just in time. he wears them in the house with a onesie as they are great to keep him warm (duh!) and protect his legs from getting dry and callous from crawling. this also makes changing his diapers a breeze, his legs stay covered and warm plus i dont have to wrestle with him to get pants off then back on! another great use for them is as sun protecton especially when hes in his carrier and his pant legs ride up exposing his lower leg. right now i put them underhis pants when we go out to make his everyday jeans a bit warmer and again keep him covered should his pant legs ride up. i find they also help keep his socks and booties on a little better.

BabyLegs can be worn on the arms also. for girls they are a great alternative to tights. fussing with tights during diaper changes make me happy i have a boy! the numerous prints make it fun and fashionable to match your clothes or your personality!

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