Thursday, November 6, 2008

Safety Tat giveway

we can hope it never happens, but you and your child can get seperated ina crowded mall or at a big event. well Safety Tat is a great way to ensure a safe return should your little one wander off at the mall or amusement park. these temporary tattoos can be ordered pre-printed with your information or you can get blank ones and write in your info with a provided tattoo pen. They go on jsut like any other temporary tattoo and are waterproof. They have fun designs and even some for allergy or medical alerts.

Connecting Moms is giving away 10 Safety Tats! if you havent already, join Connecting Moms then go to the Product Review section and check the Top Products, click on Safety Tats and follow the instrustions. as of today they havent chosen winners so hurry up and join to be entered. they dont post deadlines so hopefully you can still get in on it. while you are the enter to win one the other products they are currently giving away. Good luck!

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