Tuesday, November 4, 2008

what is this thing called blogging?

so i decided to jump on this blogging bandwagon. im not sure how it all works but im gonna give it a go. lets see...let me tell you about me and how i ended up here. be warned that i type like i speak which means i will be all over the place and go off on different tangents so i apologize now!

well, im a new mom! my son, Massimo, is now 8months old! i cant believe how fast its gone already. he got his first tooth about 2weeks ago and hes crawling and eager to walk. before i know it he'll be going to school...*sigh* im a SAHM (stay at home mom-i learned that from hours online after tending to Massimo in themiddle of the night and my insomnia kicks in) with no spare time but who creates lots of projects for myself. i decided to start this blog as (hopefully) a better alternative to my website. i created a website 4months postpartum to let my friends and others out there know about all the cool websites and products and mommy-related things i learned and found during my many nights online. i had big plans for my page but have since slacked off in keeping up with it. i am just winging it and learning as i go, i had no clue how to make and maintain a website. the idea behind it was to compile all the cool freebies i found for new and soon-to-be parents. i kept telling all my friends and fellow moms about the great stuff i was finding and thought someone else out there may be interested in it. so i started getting all sorts of ideas of what to do with my page, but i think i got ahead of myself and havent really updated it. looking at all the pages ive been visitng i realized they were all basically blogs. so here i am and here ismy attempt at converting all my findings into blog format! i hope you find something useful here. until i get everything up on here, please take a look at my original page http://desotogurrl.webs.com/

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